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Here's a little bio to let you know just how we got started and where we are today...

This Estate Sale business started over 20 plus years ago with my mother, Ms. Irene Robbins and her dear friend Doris, helping and serving others as they loved to do. Their first sale was helping a lady who needed assistance selling her personal items. Years later this service grew into a full fledged business with much help from dear friends and outstanding customers and clients. Doris retired and her neice in law Jan joined the estate sale family and helped Irene for several years. Thus the name changes that you can still google or that will randomly pop up, Estate sales by Doris and Irene, Estate Sales by Irene and Jan. After many years of working and loving this business Irene decided to retire and Karen stepped in and the business name became Estate Sales by Karen and Jan. Irene was still seen around sales greeting, smiling, helping and most certainly keeping everyone in line. In 2017 she had a very short battle with cancer and shockingly passed away on May of 2017. She told me very clearly to keep on working and to make sure to keep the business going strong. For the next two years after Irene's death we dug in and the business grew by leaps and bounds. In 2019 Jan retired and the business had yet another name change to Estate Sales by Karen and Tim. Tim is my husband and I'm proud to say my partner in this wonderfully challenging estate sale business.  While Irene and her friends served the Fort Smith area, Tim and I held estate sales in Hot Springs until we moved back to Fort Smith.  Many changes have come about over the years with new customers and our estate sale family of workers, but many faces are still with us after years and years of dedication. We would not be this far without our truly incredible estate sale family and without our awesome dedicated customers and outstanding clients who many have become true friends over the years.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us and helping us make this much needed business continue to keep existing and growing like it is.

Karen and Tim

Our estate sale family, some of whom you will see nearly every sale and some occasionally who come running when we need them:
Shelly, Donna, Sissy, Jody, Stacy, Nancy, Allison, Will,
Justin, Andrew, Christina, Gary, Mike and Rudy